Thursday, March 29, 2007


Just about every night I will be laying on my wonderful maroon pleather couch, as Heather is lounging on our love seat across the room. We will be watching one of our shows (or Heather's lame reality shows.) Hannah is usually running around in circles singing, dancing to every commercial that has music (especially Old Navy, and Target commercials.) She will carry her blanket, milk, and toys back and forth between me and Heather and climb up to sit or lay with one of us as she takes very short breaks between her playing. Then 8:15 rolls around and Heather will usually ask, "Hannah are you ready to go to bed?" Where Hannah will stop what she is doing scan the room to first locate her blankey, then she will proceed to try and gather up EVERY toy that she sees in the room, usually saying, "sody, sody" or whining as she does so, because she doesn't think she is going to be able to get all the toys she wants in time. So her mommy helps her carry some because some she will hold with her teeth, to free up more arm space, then she takes off to her room, and runs straight to her crib. She will proceed to play a bit on her own in her bed until she falls asleep for the night.

Every night is a priceless treat to watch this take place.

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