Monday, September 17, 2007


Sunday after church I decided to come home and get busy in the kitchen with some diced up tomatoes, chopped up bell peppers and a few knife fulls of butter. If you know me, then you know I don't cook, however I was feelin it, so I decided to let the family know that I can get down if I need to. Also who doesn't like a man to cook for them every once and again?

We followed it up with some steamed squash, with some shredded chedar cheese sprinkled over the top, and some mashed potatoes. I tried to do the entire thing solo, but Heather couldn't keep her BUTT out of the kitchen, so she did all the side items.

I'm not sure how Heather felt about the final product, but I was mighty pleased with the outcome. The only regret is I really wanted some onions sauted up in the mix. there's always next time though right?????


  1. needs pasta and a twinge of oregeno..and a basil leaf..pepper and some pepper

    I made some dinner tonight too, took like 28 minutes it was pretty good.. I started by calling Papa Johns..some dude brought me a pizza and a 2 liter Dr Pepper..IId take a picture of the box to show you but I put the box on Mr Chows front porch as I didnt want that thing in my house.

    What Mr Chow does with those things is a mystery. I also gave him my Bed bath and Beyond coupons from the mail I have gotten over the past few weeks along with a half eaten bag of stale doritos so he should be set.

    Makes you wish you had a velvet sofa doesnt it!

  2. Heck yes!

    Mr. Chow is one lucky son of a gun....

    All you need now is to figure out a way to pay some one to actually feed you as well.

  3. I was helping thank you very much! Dont complain that I was in there microwaving steps Shane, baby steps. Im usually the one slaving away in the kitchen so it was a shock to my body to NOT have to be in there. It would be like ME saying "oh dont you worry about this game Shane, I got next" and coming in there and playing your basketball game FOR you...ok that was a terrible analogy because that will NEVER happen...but you get my drift. YOU wanting to cook dinner happens like once ever three years so of course im gonna be in there helping out. Men CANT multitask. Its a proven fact. We would have been eating cold chicken and it tasted much better HOT outta the pot.

  4. SHANE! You cooked?! I think I will fall off my chair. Good for you, what a nice little treat for Heather. But my man cooks for me EVERY night and he is your brother,lol. Mark is the best wife ever, he does it ALL. I don`t know what that says about me but whatever.

  5. You are right Shane..I did try to get Mr Chow to cook me food but I was afraid he might reuse the stuff I throw in his backyard. It closer to throw it in his backyard than to walk to the front of the house and put in in the garbage can when Mr Chow can do it for me..right!!

  6. Mo:
    Next time when you leave a comment, if you click on "OTHER" instead of anonymous you can type in your name and a link to your blog, or whatever. Atleast then we all know who you are instead of having to wait until we read that you are married to my brother Mark...

    Anyways thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, I haven't seen you on my blog in many many moons.

    I think Mr. Chow enjoys the treats you leave him in his backyard, atleast that what I think he told me last time I was leaving your house, I don't really know chineese that well...

  7. Shane

    Mr Chow gives me that same hand gesture..I dont think thats chinese..but I sure am glad he thinks that I am #1...

  8. Looks yummy to me! I love when Brandon cooks- but that hardly ever happens!


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