Monday, September 10, 2007

Hot Fuzz

Heather rented Hot Fuzz for me a few days ago, but wasn't intrested in watching it, so Saturday night I set up shop in the living room while she stayed in the room, and I watched the movie.

I have to say I was rather impressed and found the movie very humorous, and the story was actually pretty darn good. It was far better than my expectations. Not sure what I mean by that, I suppose I thought it was going to be lacking in plot, but be a humorous shoot em up type movie with subtle splashes of dry humor.

Hot Fuzz was done by the same guys that did Shaun of the Dead, which was basically a parody movie with their own personal twist to add comic relief. I enjoyed it, so that's what made me want to check out this movie of theirs. I have to say I heard alot of sub par and negative reviews from some people about Hot Fuzz. They said that they were disapointed, but after watching the movie I am rather confused as to why. I felt Hot Fuzz was better than Shaun of the Dead. The only thing I can think of, was they were expecting Hot Fuzz to be another horror film with a splash of comedy. Also Shaun of the dead had more in your face comedic moments, and Hot Fuzz was more subtle, and it was more dry. As for my personal opinion I feel humor is best served DRY.

I have to say that the end of this movie, or the last 20-30 minutes is one of the best endings I've seen in quite some time.

Best line of the movie: "You're a doctor, deal with it!" (I edited it to keep my site family friendly.)

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  1. If only we had the same movie tastes. Classics are so much more fulfilling. Doris Day is my idol.


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