Thursday, September 20, 2007

From A Cookie

Last Saturday I went and picked up some lunch at Panda Express and inside my fortune cookie was this fabulouse fortune dropping some knowledge:

"A financial investment will yield returns beyond your hopes."

Then Heather cracked open her cookie and Karatee chopped in the head with some more wisdom:

"You will soon recieve help from an unexpected source."

So whoever you are that is going to help me, SHOW YOURSELF! Also if anyone knows what this financial investment I am supposed to be making is, HOOK A BROTHA UP! I can seriously use some "returns beyond my hopes."


  1. Im not sure if you can do this but this thing may be it...

  2. Ha ha ha...Joel is hilarious. We have terrible luck so gambling would never be the way to go for us ha ha.

  3. The great investment is ..............ME!! Just kidding


  4. Shauna,

    If you click on "Other" in the comment area it allows you to type in your name.


    Thanks for the great hook up with the info.

  5. Shane,

    I would find a penny, and plant t in the ground near your apartment..Water the area every day, except on tuesdays. On the 35th day watch waht happens.

    If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a song about him?

  6. Yeah, I know. It hasn't been working the last few times for some reason though. Joel is a funny guy, huh? Almost as funny as you. :)


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