Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fitting In

Friday night I got home from work and Heather left to go hang out with Angie and Tara for a girls night. So it was me and Hannah hanging out together at home. So we left and bought a pizza at Little Ceasars and then came home ate, then I gave her a bath, then we just hung out. Around 9:00 pm Hannah came out of my room carrying one of my shoes, she set it down and said, "I gotta put on the shoe."

So she put it on, stood up and said, "I need the other one."

Then she looked over and saw a pair of Heather's shoes and said, "Oh theres the other one."

She stumbled slowly over to where the shoe was all the while still wearing my shoe. So I ran and grabbed the camera and was able to capture a few photos in the moment. She walked around in them for awhile.

After a few little tantrums (which I can't even remember what they were over.) She finally started falling asleep on the couch, so I asked her if she was ready to go to bed, and I picked her up and laid her down around 10:00 pm.

Then I started working some more on redesigning my website until Heather came home around 11:00 pm.

Saturday afternoon we decided to go rent a movie. Heather was feeling a little depressed, and wanted something to lift her spirits up. So we decided on a perfect movie called The Martian Child.

John cusack plays the lead roll of a widowed author who just finished publishing a popular Sci-Fi novel which is in the process of being turned into a movie, at the same time he is supposed to be in the process of writing the sequel to that book. He get's a call from a foster home to come and look into adopting a child. I believe that he and his wife had started the process before she had passed away, and he just never terminated the process. When he receives the call, he is a little apprehensive about continuing on with adopting a child, now that his wife died.

He finally decides to go visit the child who, when he arrives, is walking around in a cardboard box with one small slit cut in the top allowing him to see. John Cusack's character finds out that the boy believes he is a Martian, and the reason he wont come out of the box is because he believes he is allergic to the sun. John Cusack being a "different kid" when he was this kids age begins to relate, and after three or four other visits, decides to adopt the kid. What takes place next is a very moving and entertaining story and film. It is a great feel good family movie, and I highly recommend it to anyone reading this.


  1. Sounds like the movie fit in well with your little "martian" I say that in a affectionate manner. She is such a hoot! When I first looked at the photos I expected you to tie them in together somehow. Anyway, sounds like a great film. Not much in the way of entertainment in this town so we rent lots of DVD's. Thanks for recommending it.


  2. Very true, I could of tied them in. Perhaps thats why I enjoyed the movie so much.

  3. :) I love that you share these little antidotes because at least I get to know her a little through them. She has got such a funny little personality!!! Such a little cutie. :)


  4. I'm glad you liked the movie- I LOVED this movie. It was such a cute story- did you watch the interview with the real martian child? That was really cool. It looks like you guys had a fun daddy/daughter date. Hope Heather had fun too.


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