Monday, February 11, 2008


I have known since grade school of my lineage on my fathers side that we have stretched it all the way back to a well known Indian princess named Pocahontas. However whenever I would share this information with friends they never believed me and sadly I never had the actual written proof. Now I just recieved an email from my Uncle Cal (Dad's brother) who gave me the lineage.

Pocahontas married John Rolfe in 1614 and then died in 1617. Son Thomas Rolfe, married Jane Poythress, and they had a daughter Jane Rolfe, who married Col. Robert Bolling. They had a son named John Bolling, who married Mary Kennon. They had a daughter named Mary Bolling, who married John Fleming, and they had a daughter named Mary Fleming, who married William Bernard. They had a daughter Catherine Bernard, who married William Bennett. They had a son William J Bennett, who married Elizabeth Bell. They had a son named Hiram Bell Bennett, and he married Martha Smith. They had a daughter named Emily Jane Bennett, who married John Aikens Smith. They had a daughter named Martha Eliza Smith, who married David Earl Shawcroft. They had a daughter named Alice Shawcroft who married Ned Guymon. They had three sons Michael Ned, Calvin Earl, and Jimmie Vernet who have all had wonderful children who are ancesters of Pocahontas the daughter of Chief Powhatan.


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