Friday, February 08, 2008


Sorry for the lack of posts. Occasionally my life begins to feel rather repetitious and it seems as though there is nothing to really talk about or to blog about. I suppose I will give a little up date as to what I've been up to. Last weekend we took a trip to Dallas to visit my brother and to play in the Doug Johnson hoop Night Memorial game. We ended up staying in a Motel 6 which was Hannah's first time to stay in a hotel, and she was really excited about it. This is one of the first years that I have actually played decent. The first game I ended up hitting four threes in a row and I also hit a lay-up and a short jump shot. The second game I hit one three and a lay-up. Then the third game I knocked down two threes and another lay-up. Then my last game I only scored two points and missed four threes and we lost.

We left Dallas Sunday afternoon and got home in time to catch the Super bowl and heat up some buffalo wings. The Super Bowl was insane, I didn't really care who won, because I had been going for The Colts and The Cowboys, so since both of those teams were not playing, i didn't really care. The Super Bowl was pretty slow and boring until the craziness started happening in the fourth quarter. The commercials were rather disappointing this year. I suppose my favorite commercial was the one with the screaming stain on the guys shirt.


In a BONEHEAD move Steve Kerr decided that for some reason Phoenix needed an old tired injured Shaq-Fu. Not sure what special kind of stupid Steve Kerr is for making that decision...

Also the BIG trade was Pau Gasol (who I HATE) went to the Lakers. For some reason this received a lot of hype and praise from everyone thinking that this will make the Lakers a championship team. To me this trade made no sense at all. Let me explain. The Lakers have a big 7 footer who is 19 years old named Andrew Bynum, the entire season he has averaged a double double double in points and rebounds. Infact all I I have heard is how great he has been playing and this is his breakout season. So then we look at Pau Gasol, who is averaging just under a double double in points and rebounds, and is a much softer version of a center. Where as Andrew Bynum is more of a physical player. So IF Andrew Bynum is SOOOO good, then why do they need a guy who is going to play the same position as him, averaging roughly the same numbers but some how he is "the answer"


In other annoyances going on in the NBA, they released the 2008 ALL*STAR team, where for some strange odd annoying reason a guy who has won 2 MVP's in a row, and is no doubt the BEST point guard in the NBA did NOT appear on the starting five. Yes I am talking about Steve Nash! Moving forward with that last years MVP Dirk Nowitzki also some how did not make the starting five. This has me scratching my head in shock and amazement. If you look back, Steve Nash has not been on the starting 5 of an ALL*STAR team.

We've watched a few movies, I can't remember all of them but i will list the ones I can remember.

1.) 3:10 To Yuma: I bought this movie without even watching it. I had already heard a lot of positive things about the movie, plus westerns remind me of my dad, so why not. So we watched it and I don't regret buying it one bit. It was a great movie with a surprise ending. I've never seen the original so I'm not sure how alike they are. I want to check out the original one now though.

2.) The Game Plan: I didn't even finish this one, we really rented it for Hannah, cause she fell in love with the cover and HAD to have it. When we put it on she wasn't very interested and neither was I.

3.) Sydney White: This movie was decent for what it was. I think Amanda Bynes over plays her parts. It's ok for these teeney bopper movies, but if she ever wants a solid acting career she really needs to learn how to act.

4.) Mr. Woodcock: Not nearly as funny as I was expecting in fact if you saw the previews that is the most laughing you will get out of the movie. It wasn't very good in my opinion.

5.) Good Luck Chuck: It was decent but again not as funny as I was expecting it to be. It was better than Mr Woodcock though.

6.) The Heart Break Kid: This is definetly an AUDULT comedy, with that in mind it made me laugh but got kinda annoying and some of the jokes got old for me. It was "eeehhh" movie for me.

7.) Hairspray: Wasn't as bad as I expected, whenever movies like that get a lot of hype I have learned to seriously doubt them. That is why it took us so long to actually break down and rent it. Heather REALLY liked it, and it was worth watching in my opinion, not something I would be anxious to watch a second time though.

8.) Balls of Fury: This movie was funny, my brother Matt LOVED the movie and so I rented it awhile back and watched it. The only thing bad I can really say about the movie is it seemed like they really wanted Jack Black to have the leading roll in it, but for some reason they couldn't get him so they got a guy and told him to act like Jack Black. So it was still funny, but through out the entire movie I kept thinking, "why is this dude trying to be Jack Black?" It's worth watching, and it will make you laugh a lot, and Christopher Walken is hilarious in it.

We've been wanting to get Hannah enrolled in a soccer league but had our doubts on weather or not she would really like it. So Heather recently found a soccer class, and today was Hannah's first day and she LOVED it. So hopefully in the next year we can get Hannah onto a team.


  1. Sounds like some fun times.


  2. You forgot to add you got that sticker off your sweet ride!

  3. Thats because that NEVER happened Betty.


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