Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Broken Poptarts

Poptarts from Shane Guymon on Vimeo

Every morning for the past little while Hannah wakes up and comes and lays down in bed next to us while we watch The Disney Chanel cartoons. Eventually she will turn to me and say that she wants a poptart and KOOL-aid. The funny part comes, when she starts to eat it at some point the pop tart will begin to crack and break off at some places. When this occurs it is a terrible thing in the eyes of Hannah, so she begins to frantically tell me that the poptart is breaking and begins forcing me to take it from her hand and manually break the piece off and hand it back to her.

This morning even more evidence of her wierdness came when watching Mickey Mouse Playhouse, where Mickey was on the hunt for "RED" gummy fish and found them in a pond, only he had to rent a boat from the bad guy. The bad guy was napping in front of some tied up raftts and a cat began to play with the rope and then they show that the rope begins to come lose. At that moment Hannah begins to physically CRY and say, "oh NO! oh NO! the boats, the boats." When the boats fell on the sleeping bad guy she began to cry and tell me to fix it.

The same thing happens whenever she drops food on her while eating, or when her hand gets dirty. Also if she finds a lose string on her clothes, or blankey.

So it appears Hannah is a bit O.C.D.


  1. Hillarious and addorable!! Sure have missed being able to get on here to read these.


  2. That is really really funny and cute! She must have a big heart being so worried about everything. I often think Josh is OCD too- he is always doing things like that- and like lining up things like Hannah did with her books! I saw that picture! Josh always does that with his cars.


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