Monday, November 19, 2007

Movie Update

Well I've been watching quite a few movies, and haven't been updating. So now my memory is failing me a bit, so for some of these you won't get more than a sentence out of me. Anyways here we go...

Next: I enjoyed this movie, it was pretty good. Not the greatest movie ever, but I didn't feel like it was a total waste of time.

Surf's Up: This movie isn't really for little kids, but it was pretty good. I'm not a surfer by any means, but I've always enjoyed surfing movies.

I Think I Love My Wife: Not as funny as I was expecting, but it also wasn't a terrible movie. I don't think I would ever watch it again though.

Kickin It Old School: This is one of those movies that is funny for like the first 30 minutes, but then it's pretty much all the same type of jokes, and so it get's old really fast, and you already know how it's going to end, so yeah, that about sums up this movie for me...

Spider Man 3: I was NOT too impressed. I will repeat the same things alot of others have said. It had very poor character developement. They should of stuck with one, maybe two villans, and not THREE. Then when Spider Man is being taken over by the venomouse black substance, it get's EXTREMELY cheesy, and doesn't seem to fit in well with the over all tone of the movie. It just seems out of place, and unbelievable. Sure their are some cool aspects of the movie, and overall I am not regreting watching the movie, at the same time I won't be purchasing the movie, and I doubt I will ever have the desire to watch it again.

Oceans 13: This movie was GREAT, however I have enjoyed all of the Ocean's movies, including the originals. I do want to purchase this movie, and I would love to watch this movie multiple times. It was a very enjoyable movie. It's clever, funny, witty, and the cinemotagraphy was well done, and the acting was superb, I also enjoyed the plot and the story.

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  1. Great movies- I agree with kicking it- I though it was going to be really funny, but it got old really fast.


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