Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Breakdown

Well if you are a graphic designer, web designer, or the likes there has been a lot going on lately, I'm a bit late to chime in on any of it at all, havent really had much time to actually sit down and gather my thoughts, but I'll do my best to give a quick breakdown...

Well if there was ever a way to throw away $500,000.00 this is it my friends. When this logo hit the public's eyes everyone ripped it apart, it even made Good Morning America, and I read about 5-6 blog entries about it, after that I just quit looking. I'm speaking of the 2012 London Olympic's logo that the 80's threw up and took $500,000.00 dollars to the bank for. To read up on the amazing logo click here.

From the talented folks at SmashLAB's blog Ideas On Ideas is an interview with Erik Spiekermann a very talented Graphic Designer, anyone starting their own business or running their own design business can definetly benefit from the insites he gives.

The Interview

WWDC 2007
This is THE confrence for designers, this is the confrence where Steve Job's gives his presentation of all the new things about to come out. This confrence didn't fail to deliver a handful of goodies, with Leopard (the new operating system for MAC.) coming out right around the corner, he gave out a few sneak peaks at some of the new features for MAC's new operating system, as well as apple redesigning their entire website. Also I'm sure most people have already seen the comercials but the iphone hits stores June 29th. Not to mention Safari is now available for Windows, so all you windows users out their feel free to follow this link and download a much better and faster browser for your internet pleasures.

Download Safari

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