Friday, June 15, 2007

Off Season

Another great NBA season, as well as basketball as a whole came to an end last night as Ginobali took over the game last night and not too mention a key steal by Timmy, and multiple rebounds in crunch time. Some how despite Timmy solid and consistant play throughout the finals and the play-offs as a whole, Tony Parker was awarded the Finals MVP award for leading his team in scoring and leading the league in dribbling and dribbling, and dribbling until he can finally create his own shot. Timmy I'm sorry the league frowns upon consistancy, and smiles upon ill advised shooting, and accesive dribbling and holding the ball.

We can now look back at some great moments in sports that occured throughout the college basketball scene, and the entire 82 game NBA season. Kobe may not of went off for 80+ again, but he did have a long span of 50+ games in a row. Let's not forget about some really great performances by my man Gilbert Arenas. Steve Nash had yet another stellar MVP deserving season, Amare Staudamire is back, killing fools in the paint. The bulls are back in the building, Detroit blew yet another opportunity, Miami choked themselves through the entire season, and an embarrassing showing in the play-offs.

As for College we can look forward to what was a young but talented North Carolina team to return next year ready to make a strong run at bringing home another title. Some great young players will be leaving and entering the draft, some of which should ignore the hype and stay another year, but wont, let's just hope they don't end up like Marcus Pfizer (who was supposed to be the man in the NBA.) or Stomile Swift, (who is still a HUGE disapointment.) Jonathan Bender, (where is he?) Kwame Brown (there still may be a very small amount of hope left for his career.)

Now is the time where I go on a blockbuster safari to fill the void in my chest. So stay tuned for variouse movie reviews throughout the summer and into the early fall.

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  1. YES! I couldnt be more thrilled. No more basketball for at least three months solid! Its HEAVEN on earth! ha then again those nights where we will be flipping through all the channels going "theres nothing on" will make me wish there was a game on!


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