Friday, June 08, 2007


Heather pulled into the parking space and quickly explained, "I'll just jump out and get it."

In the back of th car a big voice exclaimed, "SIZZA! SIZZA!"

As I looked back I saw the cutest little girl in the whole wide world pointing her finger vigorously forward. I think she was a bit excited to say the least.

However this story gets a bit more entertaining.

You see the essence of Shane is very weird, and most of the aspects that make me who I am are flat out strange and don't always make much sense, at least to the average Joe taking his average steps through life’s journey. So in the essence of Shane lies a few quirks some of which are, when ordering a drink from a restaurant he always asks for no ice, and when purchasing a fountain drink as well, wearing basketball shorts underneath his clothing at all times, & ordering a hamburger dry (without ketchup, mustard, mayo, or any other sauces.)

The one we are here to talk about today deals with this thing called "SIZZA." You see we arrived home with our Sizza and breadsticks in toe, and sat down at our small table and began to eat. My official routine is to pick off all the cheese and toppings and eat it separately, then I eat the pizza, as in the bread and the sauce with the cooked in flavors of the cheese and whatever other toppings came along. So if you glance over at Hannah while she is eating her Sizza, she is doing the EXACT same thing as her father....

How hilarious is that, well some of you may lauph, but as for me I hold my head up in pride, that my daughter is not only beautiful like her mother, but she got her astounding smarts from her father, thus meaning she knows how to eat Sizza the RIGHT way.


  1. I wnat some sizza!! I miss US pizza sooooooo much!!!!!!!! The stuff they have up here is nasty! :(

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  3. Dang I had posted something but it didnt come out sounding right haha. Thanks for saying that really nice thing about Hannah getting her looks from me. That made me feel good. She does have her father's strange eating habits when it comes to "sizza" but im still holding out to see if she will love flat soda or not! Then we REALLY know who's daughter SHE is! Its so fun to watch her personality and character develop. I love it.


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