Monday, June 25, 2007

Movie Review: Summer 07, vol. I

Reno 911 Miami:
Basically if you enjoy the TV show then you are going to enjoy the movie. It's pretty much a two hour long episode uncut & uncensered.

Come Early Morning:
Stars Ashley Judd, who plays a depressed (I call it borderline psycho.) girl living in a small town in the South. She spends her free time getting drunk and having one night stands, then come early morning, she wakes up gets dressed and tries to sneak out and never talks to the guys again, until she meets a new guy where she attempts to do the same thing, and is persuaded to actually try to get to know him, when all the supposed pain her father's infedelity caused her in life has also reulted in her having commitment and trust issues, and she gets down right psychotic.

Their is hardly a scene that she doesn't have a beer bottle in her hand. So what appeared to be your average everyday love story chick-flick ends in a disapointing mess of unresolved issues, and only hinting at happier times in her future. Feel free to miss this one all together since you probably didn't even know it existed in the first place.

Catch and Release:
This movie stared Jennifer Garner, and the basis of the movie is her fiance died coming home from his bachelor party, after his death he begins to find out all of the secreats he was keeping from her, while doing so she falls in love with his best friend (one of them.) The movie made me lauph a few times, and it even ended well, meaning it resolved all the issues, or concerns, and everything but ONE thing is answered. The movie is a bit slow at parts, and the love story is a bit awkward, and unrealistic, well thats the best I can do at summing it up atleast. To put it simply the story itself was a bit shakey, however the soundtrack is spectacular, the only problem is the cinemotagraphy didn't quite live up or match the music very well.

I will say that the movie was worth watching, and it left me with happy thoughts and feelings, so that is good right?

Ending on a good note. this movie was really intresting, and a bit disturbing concidering it is based on true events. The movie is about the greatest security breach in US history, where an FBI agent has been leaking info to Russia since the end of the cold war, and it wasn't until 2001 that they finally caught him and brought him down. The only disapointment was that they never really tell you why he sold out the country. It's definetly a movie worth declaring a Blockbuster Night for...

I always find it funny that the movies I dislike often times are the ones I have most to talk about. I just want you to know the real reason behind that, is because I don't want to ruin the good movies, now the bad ones i want to give out a solid warning so if you do watch it anyways you definetly can't say I didn't tell you so...


  1. I want to hear more Hannah antics:)

  2. Hey Shane! I'm glad you guys found our blog! Glad to hear that you guys are doing great. Brandon wants to move to Austin so bad- he hopes he will get a job there after he finishes school. It sounds like such a great place to live. Your blog is great. Your designs are soooo cool- I love them. I like your movie reviews too- we love watching movies. You can add Joanna to your family links as well. ( a great day!

  3. I fell asleep to Catch and Release. It was boring me to death.


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