Monday, June 04, 2007


Over the weekend, I put in quite a bit of time at the home computer and redesigned my personal site, now I just need to gather up some of my newer work and update that portion of the site as well. So you can be looking for that hopefully sometime this month.

Anyways to anyone who reads this humble blog of mine, please bounce over to my site and leave me some comments here letting me know what you think.

My Website.

I would like to invite you to excercise your brutal honesty with all feedback please!


  1. Well my first complaint is nothing works:( Tried clicking on all the links. NOTHING!!

  2. Shauna the picture is now a link to my site, I didn't link it because I already thought most people reading my blog know what my url is.

  3. OK :) Well it's awesome. I really enjoyed reading your biography. Glad that you are so good about writing because it is interesting to get to know you that way and learn about what you were doing on significant days such as the day daddy slipped through the veil. I need to be better about journaling things. :)

  4. What ever happened to your old 'theguymons. something, something? I think it was a 'freewebs' site.

    It was one of my links somewhere on my blog and I was checking the links the other day and that link took me to some 'adult-related' site. My eyes are still burning from it.

  5. Second comment:

    On your resume you list your mission as church sponsored. I would make a point of stating that it was SELF-sponsored, meaning you paid your way, as opposed to taking a free ride off the church for two years. (I know, not related to your new site design. Sorry.)

    Third Comment:

    This is a personal preference on my part. The first thing that hit me when I saw your page is that the work 'Click' at the bottom was partially cut off of my screen, which meant I would have to do some scrolling to see what didn't fit in the frame. Scrolling is fine, I would just prefer a cleaner break at the bottom.

  6. Well as soon as I got my own personal domain, and since I basically need a website to secure any form of a job in my industry, I had to skip the personal family site. Also the only reason I really had that site was to share photos with other people. Now I have blogs, flickr, and a baby website to do all of that for me, so the guymons freewebs site was a huge waste of time, for something that NO ONE was looking at because it wasn't being updated frequently enough to demand it, not to mention it wasn't an easy site to update. My new site however is very EASY to update.

    thanks for the comentary though, however if I was to try and control where teh breaking point is on EVERYONE's screen... well let's just make it simple by saying taht is a losing battle, I mean on my screen on the homepage my screen breaks right after the "big gulp" cup and the little guy.

    So until I rule the world or the web and I can force everyone to have their screens on the same resolution, then well I'm just not going to fiddle and fart around with it.


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