Friday, June 29, 2007

Movie Review: Shooter

A short synopsis of the movie for those of you who have been living under a rock, Mark Wahlberg is a retired sniper from the US military that get's recruited to help find a shooter who is going to attempt to assasinate the president from shooting him a mile or more away. The FBI ends up attempting to frame Marky-Mark Wahlberg for the shooting, but he amazingly slips away and is on the run through the rest of the movie.

If you can get passed a few pointless slow motion shots, and Danny Glovers highly annoying wisper voice, you should be able to enjoy a really good action packed, big explosion, the bad guy get's it in the end movie.

Marky-Mark delivered some decent one liners, but the best part of the movie for me, is the fact that Marky-Mark was able to stay calm cool and composed in any situation without his "Funky Bunch." Despite a few cliche aspects of this movie in the beginning of the story, it's always enjoyable, atleast for me, to see a movie with one of those heroic characters that is able to squeeze his way out of any situation with only a few scrapes and maybe a couple gun shots to the leg or shoulder.

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