Saturday, July 28, 2007


Around four years ago the battery on my watch died, so I slid it off my wrist and into a basket where I kept a collection of personal items in. The basket sat on top of a dresser in my closet. Four moves later and for some reason I have gotten this gun-ho urge to revive the watch with a new battery. Only problem is, I don't have a dresser in my closet, and I know longer use that basket as a resting place for personal keepsakes. Despite these minor details Thursday night during a commercial break of "Mad Men" I decided to go on an all out hunt for the watch. 1 hour later Heather (my wife) and I dug up countless small treasures buried away in boxes that have been left relatively untouched throughout multiple moves. We even threw a portion of junk away.

The watch still remains to be un-found, and Mad Man is proving to be NOT as interesting as I first thought, especially since the search for the watch consumed the remaining 20 minutes of the show, and on until almost 11:00 pm.

The problem now is, with me I get really irritated when I can't find something, so it is just stuck in my mind and just keeps itching away at me until I finally find it.

What things have ya'll lost over the years?

In Other News:
Heather started watching a 6 year old boy who talks non-stop the entire day. Hannah has really enjoyed his company, not to mention someone to play with throughout the day. He seems to be a pretty good kid and it is a way for Heather to make some extra money to help us pay off some of our debt.

Factory Girl: LAME!
Zodiac: Intriguing, and very entertaining. Also I'm a sucker for true stories.

Have you seen any really good movies lately?

*The movie I am really anxiouse to see on DVD is 300! Which comes out this coming up Tuesday*

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  1. Well we saw the new Harry Potter movie. It was pretty good.
    I've lost so many things! I know what you mean about it driving you crazy. I'm the same way. One of my boxes didn't make it when I moved up here. It had some really prescious things in it.



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