Wednesday, July 11, 2007

4th of July

I'm a little late but who cares I used vacation time from work and so I had a long weekend, I was off 4th to the 8th. July 4th we were invited over to a friends house with a bunch of other families with little kids for a bar-b-que. Hannah had a blast playing with everyone, the food was good, and they even had vanilla coke, and A & W Cream Soda. We ended that day shooting off small fire crackers in the front yard of the family hosting the party. The entire time I was like is it legal to shoot off fire works here or something. I let Hannah hold a sparkler, and shake it around and she enjoyed that. The rest of the time I was chasing her around in the heat while everyone else was watching the little fire works go off, and other kids continued to play with sparklers when coming up the street was two police officers, and they slowly came to a holt infront of the house. They calmly told everyone that they were illegal and that someone was going to have to recieve a ticket, and the rest of the fire crackers would be confiscated...

Thursday & Friday were spent relaxing around the house with the family. We watched a few movies, I played with Hannah, we made a few trips to the store and the mall, and that is about all I can remember.

Friday was my moms birthday, and Thursday night Mark had arrived in San Antonio. I wanted to get down there on Friday, but it didn't pan out, and we ended up leaving for San Antonio Saturday morning when we woke up.

It was pretty awesome because almost my whole family was together, we were missing my sister Shauuna and her family. I can't even remember the last time my entire family was all together, so having this many of them was a big treat. Kelly and her son Trevor (3) and daughter Lauren (1.45) had already been in town visiting for a week, Matt is living in San Antonio, and Ethan is still living with mom. Then Mark his wife Mo and their 3 daughters Maile (4) Michaela (2.5) Marissa (2.5) all had made the trip down, and then Me, Heather, and Hannah (2) showed up. It was a very full house to say the least. Hannah had a fabulouse time with all her cousins and uncles.

We left Sunday night around 7:30 after we ate some of Kelly's delectable meat loaf, & letting Hannah swim with Trevor and Lauren in Kelly's blow up pool in the back yard, and also letting Lauren and Hannah take a bath together.

Sadly we forgot our camera so no pictures or special moments were captured, for now all we have is the memories infused in our minds and hearts which hopefully can transcend time.

Movies Watched:

Black Snake Moan (intresting.)
Driving Lessons (Stars the red head from Harry Potter has a good Soundtrack, and it was a funny movie, also a good story.)
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (Disapointment.)
Blood Diamond (I really enjoyed this movie.)
The Groomsmen (Funny, sad, depressing, but ends happy. It should make you laugh a few times though!)
Fur (wierd.)
Little children (intresting way of telling the story through narration, it was intresting, a few wierd moments, a few moments where we were both laughing pretty hard, and other moments where I was worried, with suspence, the ending is a bit ho-hum, but it doesn't end as a tragedy like I was worried it would.)

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  1. Hey, you and Heather are the only ones in the family who acknowledge us. I just want you both to know how much that means to me. Thanks XOXOX I tried to put a messae on Heather's blog but I couldn't get it to work.


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