Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mad Men

Last Thursday a new show on AMC debuted called Mad Men. It's about a big Ad agency in New York on Madasin Ave, thus the name "Mad" Men. The show is set in the 60's when "Ad Men" were the superstars of the world, and had what most people felt was the most glamerouse job. The show is written and directed by some of the folks that brought you The Sapranos.

I was anxiouse to see the show mainly because that is not neccessarily the industry I'm currently in, but definetly the older brother, and most definetly one I would be very eager to join. So since the show hit's so close to home in the intrests zone, I will most definetly call AMC my home away from home come Thursday at 9:00 CST. I suggest you do the same...

I'm intrested to know if anyone else tuned in last week, and to get their thoughts on the show.


  1. I did! LOL I was sitting next to this hot guy in our bed! SHHHH

  2. Im unclear as to what your comment meant.


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