Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Morning Bliss

I feel the movement on the pillow as if someone popped their head up, and then a high pitched little voice says, "Daddy! Are you sleeping?"

I reply, "Yes"

The small voice quickly says, "ok"

Then plops her head back down onto the bed and hugs her yellow blankey closer to her and inserts her three fingers into her mouth and begins to softly suck on them. That only lasted for a few seconds because then a much louder and stronger voice came from out yonder, "SHANE, YOU NEED TO GET UP AND START GETTING READY!"

The little head popps back up, "You gna get dressed?"

I reply, "Yes" as I slowly roll myself out of bed and slide on a pair of soft nautica blue jeans, and walk out into the kitchen. Then I hear that small voice still in the bedroom crying out, "Help me, Heeeelp me, Heeeeeeeelp me!"

So I went in and picked her up and carried her through the house as I finished getting my things together....


  1. Our internet was messed up so I'm a little behind. I love the way you write on your blog. You make it very entertaining to read and thw words you choose to use are even better. Great Fish story- I made fish once and we decided to not do it again...and we haven't oh well!


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