Sunday, July 01, 2007

Smells Fishy

As we both inhaled, the air entered our nostrils and ignited our memory as we walked down an empty isle (empty of people though the shelves were stocked to a comfortable level.) Our thoughts were perfectly in sync though Heather vocalized them first as she turned and said, "Something smells good."

I replied in a mellow tone drowning, and some would even say hiding my excitement,"Yeah smells fishy..."

At the end of the isle was indeed a trusty employee behind a small table which was covered by a simple white tablecloth, but their was nothing fishy about what she was handing out. Our suspicions only grew when we rounded the corner stopping briefly to get a few more items checked off the grocery list (cheese, and hamburger buns.) only to find a similar employee behind an almost exact replica of the previous table only she was more energetic as she invited us to try a thinly sliced sausage at the end of a pretzel stick. Hannah was more excited about the pretzel portion as she stopped momentarily from pretending to drive in our shopping cart/race car. It wasn't until we began our journey towards the fruits and vegetables that the rather appetizing scent of fish became increasingly stronger. We looked forward to see what was causing such an enticing aroma. We approached the small table with the simple yet aesthetically pleasing white tablecloth and grabbed a small white cup with a very small slice of Alaskan Salmon. It was delectable to say the least, the kind lady behind the table politely pointed us to the area behind her where they had this fine specimen of the sea on sale. We then briefly consulted one another and decided on it's cheaper cousin the Atlantic Salmon instead and then quickly came up with a game plan of complimentary foods to accompany our new found dinner. We came to the conclusion that a freshly baked potato garnished with the regular butter, cheddar cheese, and Bacos as well as some canned green beans from that jolly green giant mixed with some diced tomatoes and a few pieces of greasy bacon would do the trick quite nicely. Heather also was feeling a bit salady so she entertained her desires with a few small items to satisfy the apatite.

It was our first time ever cooking fish, and when I say ours I clearly mean Heather's since she did all the cooking. She was a skittish to say the least over what the outcome would be, however when the plate was finally dressed with the baked potato, green beans, and beautifully cooked Atlantic Salmon it was indeed a beautiful treat. Heather did a fabulous job, and it made for a rather sumptuous dinner.

Warning: This could be viewed as an over dramatization of the actual story. Not to mention both a salmon and three potatoes were harmed even killed in the process.

I do however miss Barnacle Bills immensely...

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  1. Haha man your recolection of Saturday night dinner is better than mine. Glad it left such a great impression on ya! LOL it was good though. Not bad at all!


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