Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ethan Haas?

Well for that lucky multitude of people who were able to see Transformers already in theaters (me NOT included.) They all saw a very intresting and short trailer for an untitled movie which is either being called "Cloverfield" or "1-18-08" You can now see the preview here. There has been quite a bit of buzz about this movie, that apears to be some what of a blair witch project type movie where it is being filmed by ordinary cameras, as if it is simply eye witness accounts. Atleast thats how the trailer is. The movie is JJ Abrahms projects, he is the guy behind LOST.

Anyways here are a few links to sites related to the movie, I've become quite obsessed with figuring out everything, to learn more. One site has a bunch of puzzles that you have to unlock to be able to see a short and fuzzy video of a guy named Van Mantra who is giving different clues and information.

Ethan Haas was right.
Ethan Haas was wrong.
Ethan Haas

If you are tired of trying to find the answers to the puzzles yourself, here is the cheaters guide.

Cheaters Guide.

My take on everything right now, is that I think it is going to be a movie based on The Book of Revelations, which will be an end of the world movie. I think Ethan Haas is playing the role of the Anti-Christ, thus the whole double website with Ethan Haas was right, and Ethan Haas was wrong.

Anyways the comments on Ethan Haas was wrong has basically turned into a forum of discussion and speculation from everyone trying to figure everything out as well. Also if you drop by You Tube and do a few searchs for all those names you will find plenty of videos on the same subject. Just search for 1-18-08, Ethan Haas, Cloverfield.

Happy huntings!

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  1. My brother Jeff just told me about this movie and the trailer is crazy! Wow what a cool movie. He has seen Transformers TWICE already! Dang Kid! He really loved it though. We are both excited for this movie now!


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