Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth

This is one of the better movies I've seen in awhile. The movie is set in Spain 1944, and is totally in spanish, so unless you know spanish, you will be reading the entire movie, but it's worth it. The movie is rated R, and does have a few scenes of violence, because it is during a time of war. However this movie has one of the best messages of all time. The movie is basically a fairy tale for adults.

One great lesson the movie teaches is basically an analogy of life itself. There is a part in the movie where the girl who's name is Ofelia, has to go to this room and recover an item in a box to which she has the key for. This Faun tells her when she enters the room their will be a large feast, but not to eat or drink ANYTHING, & that it is necessary to her survival that she obeys him in doing this, because their was a being in there that was not human, and that was evil, and her life would be in danger. Also she had a specific time limit to getting back before it was too late. The Faun sends three fairies, which are his friends to go along and help Ofelia. So as she enters the room there is indeed a large table with a larger quantity of food of all sorts, and at the end of the table is a monster with it's hands rested on the table appearing to be a sleep, the monster has no eyes , but directly in front of him on a plate sitting on the table is two eye balls. The fairies fly over to three small locked boxes to the left of the table and so she figures out which box her key fits and opens it, retrieves a very shiny dagger or knife, then begins to make her venture back to the doorway. As she is walking back past the table of food it is becoming more and more enticing, and her appetites begin to grow. She stops and looks back at the frozen and silent monstrous figure at the end of the table, and she silently begins to move her hand towards some sumptuous grapes. The fairies make many attempts at stopping her and putting her back on course. She brushes them off and continues in her attempts to quench her appetite. As soon as she plucks a grape from the table the monsters hands twitch awake, and begins to feel around for it's eyes. All the while Ofelia is oblivious to the whole awakening of the monster. The one grape was not sufficient, and the taste was so grand that she had to have another, the monster by now has placed each eye ball in either palm and is now able to see Ofelia partaking of the fruit from his table. The fairies begin to flutter their way over to the monster in attempts to distract him, suddenly Ofelia becomes aware of the monsters awakening but is still not afraid, it was not until the monster catches two of the fairies and begins to eat them, then Suddenly she begins to run, and the monster walks after her in true cliché fashion...

Anyways as I was watching this portion of the movie, I of course was pondering over the fact of how easy a task it was to NOT partake of any of the food. It was a short amount of time, and as soon as she returned to her room, and the "REAL WORLD" she would be able to eat. It seemed so simple. Then I tried applying it to myself, and the many appetites that we are asked to suppress, and control as well. I thought that perhaps if I was to look at a distance at my own life, I would realize that this life is but a small, and short moment in the eternal aspects of our existence. So I am sure it is also easy for someone watching my life to be able to want to shout out the exact same things, and their thoughts are probably very similar that it should be so simple to just NOT partake in the sinful acts that quench our every appetite.

It's funny too because every time I become weak I am always able to notice something very similar to fairies (a friendly helper.) attempting to put me back on the true and correct path to happiness, and so often I brush them away and partake to appease my appetites.

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