Monday, July 16, 2007


The past couple of days when Hannah wakes up in the morning one of us gets up and carries her from her crib to our bed, where she lays down in our bed with us for about 20 minutes, as we watch her Little Einsteins DVD, which she adores.

Well it turns out that after they got back home from dropping me off at work Hannah decided she wanted to continue watching her movie, so she somehow climbed up onto our king sized bed, plopped herself comfortably down into our 450 thread count sheets, found the remote, turned on the TV, and somehow figured out how to play the DVD and she sat on our bed solo watching her "Steins" (thats what she calls them.) Luckily Heather caught a video of it, as well as a few photos.


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  1. Oh that is the cutest thing I've ever heard. There are some morinings that I wish Josh knew how to do that stuff on his own as well. What a smart girl!


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