Monday, March 26, 2007

In The Life of Hannah

Hannah has extended her vocabulary a bit, sometimes it takes us a few days to realize the translation of the words. None the less here is a list of a few words and phrases:

1.) "sorry" which is pronounced "soddy"
2.) "Where'd it go"
3.) "Wow"
4.) "Uh-oh"
5.) "nanny" (which for some reason is what she calls her "Blankey")
6.) "nemo" (she spins in circles or gallops in circles singing this word over and over, not sure why)
7.) "Jew" (which means "Juice" which refers to ANYTHING she drinks, wheather it be milk, soda, or actually juice.)
8.) "Dah" (this is how she say's "Dog" which we recently found out a bear is a dog also)
9.) "Cheese"
10.) "AHHHH-CHEEEEEEW!" (she loves to pretend to sneeze REALLY loud.)
11.) "Slide" (she LOVES to go down slides!)
12.) "Shane" (Hannah loves calling me by name.)
13.) "tooth" (whenever she sees a toothbrush, she loves to pretend to brush her teeth.)
14.) "tee-tee" (which is pee.)
15.) "poo-poo" or "doo-doo"
16.) "shoes"
17.) "Socks" (and she'll say, "shoes and socks.")
18.) "baby"
19.) "pooh" (for her stuffed pooh bear.)
20.) "Diego" (the cartoon)
21.) "Ball"
22.) "I see" (when she wants something you have.)
23.) "Here ya go."
24.) "Honey" (Heather refers to me as honey alot.)
25.) "No" (her favorite word.)
26.) "Blues Clues"
27.) "Mommy"
28.) "stop it." (this was one of the first phrases she started saying, but doesn't use it as much any more.)
29.) "roar" (She will roar or growl and then want you to chase her.)
30.) "bock-bock" (cause thats what a chicken says.)
31.) "Hey"
32.) "Hudo" (which is "Hello")
33.) "Nanuh" (which is by far her favorite fruit, she usually requests it as soon as she hits the floor in the morning, "Banana")
34.) "daddy" (yes she still accosionally will call me dad as well.)
35.) "Eyes" (usually as she is poking yours.)
36.) "nose" (as she attempts to tear her's off her face.)
37.) "Les Go!" (obviously "Let's Go!")
38.) "Psycho"
39.) "I know" (She just said that last night.)

There's more but I can't think of all of them. As I remember I will update this list.

Also Hannah has grown a new love for stickers, where she will stick them on everything and take them off until there is no more "stick" to the sticker. She loves to eat pizza, she loves to jump, and she is actually able to get both feet off the ground and land, even when she is standing on my chest as I lay on the couch, of course she lands on her butt in that case.

Hannah can locate:

belly (she will lift her shirt up and run around the house.)


  1. Thank for sharing these thigns. It's nice to be able to see videos, pic's and read about Hannah since I am so far away and don't get to see her in person:)

  2. Honey, you forgot one important body part we have taught her NOT to share...BOOBIES! She knows those too!

  3. Hey!! It is nice to hear about Hannah from a father's perspective. I usually read about her from her Momma. And from that we know she is the cutest, smartest, happiest child in the world. LOL

  4. I told all my xanga friends to come read this blog because it had a list of all the words Hannah knows you might be getting random comments from people you have never heard of...just my good xanga buddies!


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