Friday, March 23, 2007

Stranger Than Fiction

A week ago I watched a movie that I had been anxiously awaiting it's release date onto DVD. I was mostly excited about the fact that the movie had one of the funniest people alive in the starring role. So I was VERY pleasantly surprised when I found out that the film was even more impressive with its cinematography, and motion graphics that were brilliantly displayed on the screen. The music of the soundtrack helped to paint the picture of the emotion and theme of the movie as well. Here is an example of all of these aspects.

As the movie went on I became more and more entertained by both the actors, and the story itself. I was trying to figure out how everything linked together. Near the end of the film I was so impressed I almost left immedietly to buy a copy. Instead I refrained (it was late at night.)

Later I spoke with a friend about the movie, and he asked me if I had watched some of the bonus material, and I said, "no I hadn't." He then went on to mention how they have a behind the scenes look at the company who did all the motion graphics for the film. So now I REALLY want to either rent it again, or buy it so I can watch that portion of the DVD.

The typography, icons, and simply the graphics in general were just awesome. This is the first movie that I can remember that has taken this aproach to help tell a story, and it greatly inhanced the movie, and helped illustrate what was going on in the characters head.

So anyone who hasn't seen the film, get to the nearest video rental store, or head to your nearest Target, Wal*Mart, or Best Buy and get that movie, you can thank me later.


  1. Im not artsy fartsy so this movie didnt impress me much. Also, it has a life lesson at the end, and those annoy me because then you are looking at me going "mmhmm did you hear that honey?" and well, that is just annoying. Most people who are depressed or irritated 99.9% of their life WANT to be because, well, its just THEM...let me be me. Thats what a "close" friend of mine once said (as his rear hung out of his pants). Either way, I guess if you liked it then thats you. I dont wanna buy it though. Too bad, so sad.

  2. I liked the movie as well. I thought the on-screen affects were cool.

    More importantly, I liked the story line. It wasn't the typical Will Ferrell status quo.

    Don't get me wrong -- I like Will Ferrell, but the movie had more of a dramatic theme, which was a nice change for a Ferrell movie.

    I was very pleased with the end. Although there were a few minutes prior to the end where I was preparing for great disappointment.


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