Friday, March 09, 2007


the Office was a re-run again last night, and well quite frankly they can't do taht to me two weeks in a row. Thursdays are really a night that Heather and I look forward to. I mean I had to sacrifice and somehow make it through some lame episode of American Idol where they spend an hour just to tell us who is getting kicked off, that should be like a five minute show, yet somehow they turn it into an hour. It was especially hard when I knew the ACC tournament was on, and Duke was playing NC State.

Luckily NBC redeemed itself by having a brand new episode of Scrubs, which provided me with a sufficient amount of lauphter to feel my night. Of course then I went and jumped on the computer and spent an hour or more on the computer searching for music to feel my play list on VIRB.

I have to just throw this out there though. Jim on the Office reminds me of my boy Chris Burkman, so Chris I don't know how you got a show , but you made it, and your practicle jokes are hilariouse, especially liked the one where you put the stapler in the jello, and when you hid the cell phone in the cieling... AWESOME!


  1. Hey, loved the videos of Hannah. She is so cute. We have missed youand hope we can get up there next week. We'll see how the week goes I guess. I don't know about this new sight of yours, but you should update you bio information. Matt made me watch about two hours of scrubs yesterday...torture. I just don't get it.

  2. The profile has been updated...

    Hopefully we will see you soon mom!

    and you should try rephrasing that, "Matt allowed you the privlege of watching two hours of Scrubs yesterday..."

    Because I'm sure it was two hours of lauphter and pure joy on your part.


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