Monday, March 12, 2007


Let the madness begin, UNC won the ACC confrence tournament solidifying a number one seed in the NCAA tournament on Sunday which resulted in calling me excited a complete understatement. Since I don't have a working printer at home I had to wait until today to come into work and print out a few brackets for my guessing pleasure.

After I get my bracket completed I will be sure and update this and give everyone my picks for the final four and the WINNER!

I'm hoping to include pictures as well, just to make it that much of a more pleasant reading experience, I say all of this, but my lazy nature, may get the best of me, and before you know it their will be nothing but solid text.

I once had aspirations of having atleast one picture go along with EVERY post I make on this blog, and I have a flickr account which facilitates that for me, and yet it only lasted for ONE post thus far...

By the way "Dashboard" by MODEST MOUSE, is definetly the song of the month, and making a strong arguement for song of the year!


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