Tuesday, March 13, 2007

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We've been in a bit of a transition stage right now, but we are moving along, and I am really enjoying the work. I've been able to see four of my direct mailers printed, and their is an indescribable feeling of being able to see something you created on paper in mass quantities. Then to know that a couple thousand people will be receiving it in their mailboxes three times in a year, is also a very unique feeling. On top of all that you then take in the humble thought that 90 % of those people will most likely throw your creation in the garbage 20 seconds after viewing it is just mind blowing. Do you realize that my creations will literally be decorating the earth for the lifespan that paper has before it bio degrades or is recycled into someone else's trash.

Of course there is that very rare possibility that someone will like it so much that they will actually hang onto it, hang it on the fridge for a month, and actually give my hard work somewhat of a home and a life. At least I am able to grab a few out of the box, and keep them safely tucked away from the dust in my portfolio to have a lifetime of possibilities. They could win me a prize at a competition, impress another employer into giving me a job with even better pay, or they could one day be the reason for a promotion in this company.

I have a few websites that are in the works as well, that should be hitting the world wide inter-web in the VERY near future, as well as some potential logos in the works, those two things have much longer lifespan then the glorified garbage I create in the direct mailers and postcards.

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