Monday, August 06, 2007


Recently I noticed that my flickr account recieved a free upgrade to "Pro" status which means I now have unlimited photos I can upload, as well as, unlimited amounts of groups of photos I can create. Which is great for me, because I love my flickr account, even more so since I also saw that you can download free software that allows you to upload large amounts of photos at a time in a breeze.

So over the weekend I went through some recent photos we have taken of Hannah and uploaded a large quantity, and will continue to do so, I may even take more recreational photos as well since I have always wanted to get into photography. I may be adding more work related photos as we are doing projects here just to kind of show our process of working through photos.

Anyways here's a link to my flickr account for your viewing pleasure, or you can simply click on the beautiful picture of Hannah at the top which should also send you zooming through cyber space to my wonderful home that flickr has graciously built.

click here.

My wonderful wife has diligently been maintaining an online arsanals of our myriads of photos of Hannah since her commencement into this beautiful yet often times cruel world at dropshots.


  1. Hey Shane- You're right the movie was "Driving Lessons" I didn't catch that before- It was just to weird that after a while we just kept making fun of it. Maybe if I was in a better mood I would have enjoyed it. I really did like the old lady though. I also talked to Ben and David over the phone for a TV fundraiser for the tsunami. If I called and donated I could talk to a celebrity. Best 10 bucks I ever spent! (ok, probably not) Thanks for answering the tag- I can't believe you both hate mayonnaise! But I guess it is good that you both don't like it.

  2. Oh- I think I asked you before but I can't remember if I heard back from you. Do you like Mana? Does Mark like them? Do either of you know who they heck they are? Brandon loves them and would love to go see them play in Dallas, but so far no one can go. I thought it might be fun to meet up and maybe you guys would want to go with him.

  3. It's cool about mana. My e-mail is Tell Mark I said hello anyway- I haven't talked to him in forever

  4. I tried doing that but I didnt know how. I clicked on the link button thingy but it never would work.


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