Friday, August 17, 2007


Wednesday is basketball night for me. So after we put Hannah to bed I laced up my white and gray adidas and headed out the door, my first stop was to pick up a Dr. Pepper & Snickers for Heather and took it back to her. Then made my way out to the church to play some basketball.

To give a bit of history back in January I twisted my ankle pretty bad, my ankle swelled up and turned all black and blue. Since then I have tweaked it just about everytime I play, and had one other minor sprain on the same ankle since now.

Well Wednesday I was playing pretty swell on the hardwood, winning some games I even hit two game winners, and my team had been successful at staying on the court for the majority of the night.

It was the last game of the night and I had the ball dribbling it up the court and I saw an opening in the lane, I already knew I could give the guy attempting to gaurd me the shimmey shake and breeze right by him, so sure enough I strolled up court until I reached the 3 point line, which is deceptive because 80 percent of the time, that's where I stop and that's where I am the most deadly, so I paused, and BAM! I was gone down the middle of the lane until another guy tried to reach me before I reached the basket and stuck one of his legs out into my path and my left foot steped directly on his foot resulting in me dropping the ball saying OW! and hopping to the stage rolling on my back and asking someone to take my spot...

Did I mention it HURT REALLY bad.

Thursday I had a date with a dermotologist in her office to look at a life long mole I have had on my back, which Heather has grown peranoid of, because her father had a bad one on his back that was cancerish. I was also having my skin looked at becasue I get these Sun spots, or something around my kneck and on my back.

Well the doctor looked at my moll, measured it, looked at my other moles on my body said that it didn't apear to be bad, but recommended getting it removed "just in case." She said it apeared to be a bit darker than my other molls. Then she said, "I've had some cancelations so we can go ahead and get this taken care of today if you'd like."

So I said, "How long does it usually take?"

Doctor, "Oh like maybe 10 minutes."

Me, "Ok..."

So the doctor left for alittle while, her assistant or nurse came back and and cleaned the area and stuck me with a needle to deaden the area where the mole was. Then the doctor came in and in one quick swipe the mole was gone, and I didn't feel a thing. Only problem is I put my shirt back on, and made my way to the counter and was informed that, that was concidered a surgery and I had to pay 120 dollars for it. Along with the 40 dollars for the visit.

I got back to work and a by the time I got through with lunch the medication wore off and my back started throbbing. So now I have a bummed ankle that I'm hobbling around on, and a chunk missing from my back.

The sad thing is I feel like a small piece of me is missing now, I've lived with that brown growth on my back for many many years, I even accidently tore it off one or two times just to ahve it come back. Now it is gone and out of my life forever, and my back will never look the same again.


  1. A piece of you missing? Try giving birth...

  2. Ouch- I rolled my ankle once and sprained it. It really did KILL! Ouch! But more pathetic I was just walking to the mail box when it happened. I'm glad you sort-of liked Disturbia. That is exactly what Brandon thought- it ended too soon. He was even hoping that it wasn't that guy- that they would bring in someone different to surprise you. Oh well.

  3. Have you thought about twisting your other ankle, youll even out when you walk and I wont laugh at you at that wrong?

  4. No, of course it's not wrong.


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