Thursday, August 30, 2007


I keep forgetting to update my movie watching, and now so much time has passed I can't recall all the movies I've watched, so here are a few highlights I do remember.

Disturbia: This movie was decent, it ended a bit too quickly and didn't really develope the story or develope any sort of suspense like I was expecting. It was worth watching at least once though.

The Last Mimzy: A kids movie, that wasn't terrible, but also wasn't spectacular. It wasn't the "Feel Good" movie I was expecting it to be, but it was decent. Despite Keli (Heather's good friend) complaining throughout the entire movie.

Fracture: I spoke to my brother Mark, and my "BFF" Bucky and they both said they had the movie figured out pretty early. Me, I never figured it out, and so I felt the movie was pretty darn good, and very entertaining. I spent the entire movie trying my hardest to figure it out. I figured out ONE aspect, but not the MAJOR aspect. Anyways it is one of the better movies I've seen, NOT "300" good, but it was good.

The Ex: I have been keeping an eye out for this movie to hit theaters for awhile now, because I'ma HUGE fan of Scrubs, and a bigger fan of Zack Braff, so when we were strolling through Blockbuster and I saw it on the shelf I was rather surprised because I never even knew it hit theaters. Regardless I quickly snatched it up and it wasn't the GREATEST comedy, but it was definetly funny, and enjoyable. So it's definetly worth anyones time.


  1. dood haha that's so funny... the last mimzy was RETARDED... I'm sorry haha you should really see t ransformers though, it's soooooo good! esp if you like shia labeouf haha I love that kid I remember when he was on even show ever! That and Better Off Dead. Have you seen that?

  2. Yes...

    $2.00 I want my 2 dollars....


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