Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ready, Set, GO!

Here's a video of Hannah jumping off the top of her slide. She came and told me that she wanted to, "Ready, Set, GO!" so I followed her to her room, she told me where to sit, and luckily I grabed the camera as I entered the room so I could catch her in action.

For more videos Click Here.

In other news:
My sweet wife Heather rented 300 yesterday right when Blockbuster opened and had it sitting on the counter waiting for me, so as soon as Hannah went to bed, and Heather left to do some grocery shopping I slipped the DVD into the DVD player poured a glass of grape Kool-Aid grabbed a small blanket and sprawled out on the couch and hit play.

The movie was spectacularly filmed and acted. It was beautiful and stunning. The way the battle sequences pan out where they keep switching from real motion to slow motion at the perfect moments freezing a crushing blow to the enemy on screen. Boy do I really feel like I missed out on catching this on the big silver screen.

I believe it delivers a great message of a people willing to fight for their freedom, a people who were happy to see death stare them in the face while fighting for their families, friends, and their nation.


  1. Well when you put it THAT way, it does kind of sound GOOD...but why do they need all the violence and GORE. Who WANTS to see legs flying off!?! NOT ME! My stomach can not handle it ruins it for people like me that would WANT to watch it but CANT because of how much violence there is.

  2. Hey- I just “tagged” you to fill out the “Random 8 list” if you want to do it. Check out my blog to see the rules and examples.


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