Sunday, August 19, 2007


9 years ago from today my father Michael Ned Guymon passed away. My life has forever changed since that day. Some days it seems like it was yesterday, and other times it seems as though it's hard to remember what life was like with him still here.

I feel as though I need to do something to honor The Man, but am unsure as to what I should or could do, beside keep his memory on my mind and pass on a little bit of him to the world.

My father was always honest in his dealings with his fellow man.
He was very sarcastic, and humorous and made life with him enjoyable.
He was loyal to his family and friends. (Family ALWAYS came first.)
He was supportive and the only reason he ever missed one of my basketball games or other events was due to health reasons making him physically unable to be present, but always wanted a detailed description of what he missed.
He will forever remain my Hero.

I received a text message from my brother Mark earlier that read:
"Long live Mike...Honor him."

So seeing as how my pops was big on Coke, and used to have almost a daily ritual of stopping by Texaco on his way to work every morning and filling up his cup with Coke, or Cherry Coke. I decided to get myself a Coke and pay tribute to The Man.

Enjoy the video


  1. Your dad sure was a nice guy! I sure wish I got to know him better. What I do remember was all good. Hey- have you or Heather heard about this? My friend sent it to me. If it doesn't work, let me know.

  2. Nope never heard of it till now, it apears she has become famouse for it though.


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