Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Quick Movie Update

We watched two movies recently which were both good.

Trust the Man: Heather and I both laughed alot through out this movie, and all in all it is a good story, and ends happy.

Bobby: I'm not a HUGE fan of any of the Kennedy's at the same time I say that I also know little to nothing about them. I just know we are from separate political parties. That being said I enjoyed the movie, but I enjoyed it not so much for what types of political undertones were being delivered, and the different stabs at what is also happening today, but I enjoyed the acting, I loved the Simon and Garfunkel song they played at the end. I also really enjoyed how Bobby Kennedy played himself by them mixing in actual footage of him anytime he was in a scene. There's a ton of well known actors in the film, so that was kind of cool aspect as well.

Also I just wanted to mention a few recent music finds I've been currently enjoying while I work:[Thanks Angie (I doubt she would ever even read this.)]

Postal Service
Death Cab For Cutie
Joshua Radin
Bishop Allen

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