Wednesday, August 01, 2007


1.) I hate mayonnaise. (This is one of the reasons I order hamburgers dry, no katchup, mustard, or mayo.)

2.) I eat my pizza by first picking off all the toppings, and occasionally will eat the cheese and some other random items (never peperoni.) Then I eat the pizza in all of it's crust and sauce goodness.

3.) I wear a pair of basketball shorts under everything I wear.

4.) Poop time is a sacred time that should be spent reading a magazine in solitude.

5.) I love high thread count sheets, and wont settle for anything less than 400. The first sheet set Heather and I owned was 600. (Stems from the fact that I love soft things.)

6.) I've worn a rubber band of some sort on my wrist since I was in 8th grade.

7.) Before I purchase something I always have to take what I call, "The Walk" where I walk around for 10 or more minutes, then if I still want the item, that is when I return and actually purchase it.

8.) My favorite thing to wear is sweats. (Which is why winter is my favorite time of year.)

9.) I love typography, and a lot of times I am able to name what font was used as I see them in their natural habbitat.

10.) I'm afraid of swimming in any body of water that has living animals in it besides humans. (Lakes, ponds, rivers, springs, oceans, seas, etc..)

I don't know 8 people to tag, but here are the only ones I do know, who most likely WONT participate, but they may surprise me. I can't complain, I only did it for my cousin.
Chris Burkman, Sam Burkman, Rand Blair, & Rick Doane


  1. Maybe we should get pregnant with quints haha. Rachelle and Jayson have HUNDREDS of comments on their blogs.

  2. do you wear bball shorts even under your church pants? haha that is so funny! always be prepared!


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